Stopping the devastation of brain aneurysms

Evasc Medical Systems Corp. is an endovascular medical device company whose primary focus is the development of a unique therapy, eCLIPsTM, which will help the thousands of people whose brain aneurysm occurs where the two arteries meet.   These weak branches often  bulge or balloon out, rupturing and  leaking blood into the space around the brain, with devastating results.

With amazing technology, backed by world renowned physicians ALL Evasc has to do  is get through their clinical trials and attract funding.    We helped Evasc get prepared for the scrutiny new investors would bring.  We started by facilitating a common vision among the top executive and developing a common way to describe the company, the distinctive excellence it brings to the market, a cohesive story of who they are (value proposition, key messages, key words) and finally a road map for how they would proceed.   The road map was made into a One Page Strategy and a Balanced Score Card.   The One Page Strategy tied  operations, sales, and development into a single plan that was easy to follow.   The Score Card reflected Key Performance Indicators and was used as a management tool with the Board of Directors.    The strategy, value proposition, key messages and key words were then used to re-brand the organization, making it more attractive to new investors.

evasc home “Evasc Medical Systems engaged Clay Braziller to lead the senior management team through the development of a long term Business Strategy.  Clay has been a valuable asset to us as we developed a five year plan for its commercialization. His ability to separate issues from noise, ask probing questions and offer creativity solutions has been effective in the development of a vision and strategy for the company. We also appreciated his proactive and organized approach that allowed us to keep the process moving forward at a pace that was respectful of our other priorities.

The outcome of our engagement with Clay was the creation of a corporate strategy that has the complete buy in of Employees/Management and the Board. We are looking forward to working with Clay on its implementation.” 

Ian McDougal
CEO, Evasc Medical Systems

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