Vancouver’s Prosthesis wins Popular Mechanics best of CES 2017

The impressive bionic structure is controlled by a human pilot sitting in the center of the bot. The ‘driver’ moves their own body and the machine amplifies their motions.


How digitally mature is your organization and should you care?

The answer is you should care — digital maturity matters.  In general, according to a recent Cap Gemini Consulting study, digitally mature organizations with a strong digital strategy have at least twice the profitability of their peers who lagged behind. Unfortunately, there is a lot of confusion as to what a Digital Strategy is.  A…

Tapping into the power of new ideas

For many years immigrants have been coming to Canada and starting their own businesses. For some, it is the only way to earn a living and for others a way to make their entrepreneurial vision a reality.  Either way, between no network in this country, poor english language skills and the Canadian business environment,  many…