Smart medication packaging helps keep Grandma healthier

Two thirds of Americans over 65 have two or more chronic diseases and require the patient to take 4 or more daily drugs.    Unfortunately they don’t always follow their medical plans, costing  the US healthcare system $290 billion annually and resulting in  10% of the avoidable hospital admissions. For the caregiver, the cost of this is devastating,  estimated at on average of $300K in lost total earnings, retirement, and social security benefits*.  CuePath Innovation is designing smart medication packaging  that enables families to ensure that their loved ones stay on track with their medications.

We worked with CuePath to validate how their innovation fits into the healthcare continuum, who might benefit the most from purchasing it and why .   We also analyzed who might make a good go to market partner and what their motivation might be to work with a startup.

Quote from Victor Lesau, CEO
“Some people have a natural ability of getting trust of others quickly. This surely applies to Clay, who proved it a number of times while working with us. We consulted Clay for market research and finding potential partners in 2015. Not only did he find key people in small and large organizations, but also he was able to get through to them by navigating the corporate chain via phone and email, arrange meetings and steer conversations in fruitful ways. It was a pleasure working with Clay.”  

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