Gyroscopes and a glove hold new promises for Parkinson’s patients

Parkinson’s, a disease that affects one in 500 people, has typically been managed through medication, and more recently deep brain stimulation (implantable medical device)–both having not so nice drawbacks.   The use of wearable gyroscopes is a new approach being taken by a group of students from Imperial College London.   Like the spinning tops we all played with –gyroscopes always try to stay upright and this project has spotlighted their ability to resist a person’s hand movement and dampen the tremors.

In benchtop tests, GyroGlove was  found to reduce tremors by up to 90 percent.  The glove uses a miniature, dynamically adjustable gyroscope, which sits on the back of the hand, within a plastic casing attached to the glove’s material.  Before it is commercial there are numerous challenges to solve such as reliability and a reduction to its size and noise.  But for people with Tremor related diseases, gyroscopes certainly show great promise as a wearable solution without the drawbacks of the medication they use now.


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