Using wearables to improve hospital outcomes

Tractivity is a wearable technology  that encourages  patients in a hospital to walk more.  Studies have shown walking only 400 steps extra a day can help reduce a hospital stay by 24 hours.

When faced with competitors like Fitbit, Jawbone, Garmin and Apple what is a small tech firm to do? Pivot!    We helped Tractivity understand the health industry,  its players, the payers and hurdles.    Over a two year period we worked with Tractivity on sharpening their value proposition,  implemented HIPPA compliant systems,  re-branded the product for the US  healthcare industry,  implemented a sales management system and communications program.   Once the plans were in place we took on the role of product evangelist (fancy word for sales) and opened doors for the organization at the Cleveland Clinic and many other prestigious institutions.

“At Kineteks Clay’s skills helped enable the company to pivot its Tractivity activity monitoring solution to focus on the difficult-to-navigate environment of healthcare.”  Paul Shore, CEO