The internet of everything: It’s all about power!

Intel Curie is composed of several elements; a system on a chip, called Quark, Low Energy Bluetooth radio, six-axis sensor with accelerometer and gyroscope, as well as 384kB flash memory. For a couple years we have been hearing about how the Internet of Everything is coming. Holding it back, in my opinion, was the power hungry chips that sensors need to send their data wireless. Not any more, Intel now has available an all in one chip the size of a button that does everything your Activity Tracker does and more. This can enable wearable sensors for nearly any garment, medical technology, sports equipment or salmon (I live in the PNW). The challenge now becomes not what to track but how to get useful information out of all that data.    Never mentioned in the articles is the impact on privacy and the ability to hack the device–a real issue in medical technology security.

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