Google Translate for medical may be bad for your health.

medical cartoonIf you happen to find yourself deathly sick and in Africa, Asia or Eastern Europe you may want to think twice about using Google to translate the medical information.  A recent study showed that of 260 common medical phrases Google translated incorrectly 143 in African and Asian languages, 100 incorrectly in Eastern European languages and 67 incorrectly in Western European languages.   In Marathi, a small state in India, “your husband has had a cardiac arrest” translates to “you husband has had an imprisonment of the heart”.   In Polish, Google translated “your husband has the opportunity to donate his organs” to “your husband can donate his tools”.   Which in my case is probably for the best–after 30 years of fatty foods and too much cheap red wine, you are better off with my table saw.

The full article is available here