Marketing is Everything

This article reinforces the importance of taking a customer driven in the high tech business. Too often we focus on features not the value delivered to a customer. Written in 1990, this article is still one of the most relevant on how to treat customers in a rapidly changing world.

McKenna proposes six principles, which just don’t get old.  The three that constantly resonate with me are;
“Marketing is everything and everything is marketing,” which suggests that marketing is like quality, using recyclable materials, or having a strong Purpose. It is not a function but an all-pervasive way of doing business.
“Marketing moves from monologue to dialogue,” argues that advertising is obsolete, it is a dialogue between company and customer.

You can read the full article here

“In a marketplace characterized by rapid change and potentially paralyzing choice, credibility becomes the company’s sustaining value”

Regis McKenna, 1991

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