Curing what ails Concrete

Like every Canadian driver, I get to drive over crumbling concrete bridges. Deep within each one the steel used to reinforce it is rusting, like a cancer rotting the structure from the inside. A group of Aussie civil engineers have found a way to eliminate that issue, and have an impact on climate change.

They are building two new bridges where the reinforcing steel is being replaced by a combination of glass-fibre and carbon-fibre. The bridges will cost about the same as any other to build and use less concrete. The cement in the concrete is made of a polymer and fly-ash, which eliminates GHG emissions. They will also last twice as long with less maintenance, due to a lack of rust.

Adding it all up, the bridge will take less concrete to build, use a greener cement, and the absence of steel doubles the life of the structure. More incredible is that their government have already tested and approved it for use. That is the type of medicine Canada needs to cure our rusting concrete problems and impact our GHG emissions.

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