Making eye care more accessible

O-Glass facilitates monitoring and tracking pupillary reflexes. The portable, easy-to-use device can perform optic neuropathy diagnosis, chromatic pupillometry, and automatic anterior segment anomaly detection. Diagnostic results will be stored on secure online servers, to be accessible anywhere and to be referred or analyzed later.Globally, 246 million people have low vision and 39 million are blind.  Incredibly, 80% of ALL visual impairment can be avoided or cured with regular exams and treatment.   Sounds easy,  but challenges such as access to early eye care, its cost and education are hurdles that many people can not overcome.

Ophthalight Digital Solutions’ designs and manufactures portable ophthalmic diagnostic/monitoring equipment that provides a digital alternative to conventional eye exams.  The equipment leverages advancements in digital photography and cloud based computing to provide easier access to eye care.   Their first product, O-Glass, replaces the Swinging Flashlight, commonly known as the Marcus-Gunn test, a qualitative test whose measurements are subjective, prone to human errors, and troublesome to follow up accurately.

Braziller and Associates developed and executed a market validation program for Ophthalight that included contacting key opinion leaders in the industry,  validating the market opportunity, product positioning,  business plan input and establishment of a sales pipeline.

For more information about Ophthalight visit

Ophthalight Digital Solutions

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