Accelerating the development of nanomaterials

SFU 4D LABS focuses on accelerating the design, development, demonstration, and delivery of advanced functional materials and nanoscale devices.

Growing any business is hard let alone one like SFU 4D LABS  that  provides lasers, nanofabrication  and nanoimaging services to industry and academia.

We implemented a strategic planning process that started with understanding why people do business with 4D LABS.  The insights were incorporated  into a new value proposition, branding and a 5 year business strategy.  With clarity on where they are going, we helped them create a score card and one page strategy to guide them along the way and implemented a CRM system to keep track of all their new leads.     We now meet with them once per week to review the one page strategy and keep the organization on track.    We loved what they do so much we also took on a 24 day community outreach program.

The end result, besides having stronger more sustainable business infrastructure, 4D Labs has been able to secure thousands of dollars in new contracts, establish meaning dialogue with target customers and expand into new areas such as agriculture and bio-energy.

SFU 4D Labs