Designing the better prostate exam

The medical technology sector has not always been know for great user friendly designs.  There are certainly elements of it,  like the big needle a dentist uses, that need some rethinking.  In my books prostrate exams fall into that category.    A designer at GE Healthcare thought so as well and designed the MRI Chair.

Prostate cancer is the second most common cause of cancer death in men. MR imaging provides high-resolution views of the prostate and surrounding structures. The chair features “soft fabric and music, comfortable form and position, it speaks of a living room, reducing anxiety, increasing comfort and improving the chance of annual exams”.

GE applied great industrial design to a medical device that many other groups felt was good enough.  This is the type of thinking that keeps GE ahead of its competitors.


Credits: Lionel Wodecki of GE Healthcare (France)

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